2017 Membership Renewal

Dear EBPS Member,


This is to remind you that it is time to renew your membership for 2017.  


In recent years, the EBPS committee has taken a number of steps to reduce the running costs of the society.  However, it’s important that we maintain enough income to support the fund that underpins the organisation of our conferences. We have therefore taken the decision to raise the annual membership fee from 64 to 70.


Student membership of the EBPS remains the same, at 15 only.


Membership provides you with a number of benefits:

 Free membership of FENS

 Free online access to European Journal of Neuroscience

 Free online access to Psychopharmacology

Eligibility to apply for bursaries to attend EBPS workshops and biennial meetings (subject to age and status)

Eligibility to submit symposium proposals for future biennial meetings

Eligibility to nominate, and to be nominated, to the EBPS Distinguished Achievement Award and the EBPS Young Scientist Award

Reduced registration fees for the upcoming 2017 EBPS Biennial Meeting in Crete and other biennial meetings

Reduced registration fees for EBPS workshops


To renew your membership, please go to



If you prefer to renew your membership by electronic bank transfer, please contact info@ebps.org for EBPS bank details.



With best wishes,

Anne Jackson

Treasurer - EBPS


FENS-SfN neuroscience summer school on Chemical Neuromodulation, 18-24 Jun 2017

Dear Members,

I would like to invite you to have a look at this year's FENS-SfN neuroscience summer school on “Chemical Neuromodulation: Neurobiological, Neurocomputational, Behavioural and Clinical Aspects.”

Please disseminate this email to your network and, more importantly encourage your trainees to consider applying to this school.

School Program Description:
Chemical neuromodulation refers to that set of neurotransmitter systems that arise in the subcortical brain to influence the functions of forebrain networks to produce behaviour and cognitive outputs, under a variety of different states of arousal. These neurotransmitter systems have been extensively researched in isolation but have rarely been directly compared experimentally or in conceptual terms; hence one theme of this School will be to make such comparisons; through lectures and discussion groups by an international faculty.

The school is meant for PhD students and postdocs, preferably with some knowledge of the subject

Date and Location:

18th - 24th June 2017
Bertinoro, Italy

*Scientific chairs:*
Trevor Robbins, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge
Martin Sarter, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program, University of Michigan

*Faculty members:
Gary Aston-Jones, Rutgers Brain Health Institute, USA
Roshan Cools, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, The Netherlands Emrah Düzel, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Germany
Anthony Grace, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Michael Hasselmo, Boston University, USA
Gitte Moos Knudsen, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
Zachary Mainen, Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, Portugal
James Rowe, University of Cambridge, UK
Mark Walton, University of Oxford, UK

Applications:  www.fens.org/Training/FENS-Schools/FENS-SfN-Summer-School-2017/

Stipends are available.

Application deadline: *13th February 2017*.

Your help to inform your professional network about this enriching opportunity is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Trevor Robbins & Martin Sarter

Prof Miloslav Krsiak

It is with regret we announce the death of Professor Miloslav Krsiak of Charles University in Prague. Professor Krsiak was a founding member of EBPS and long-time supporter, having served on the EC. His obituary can be found in our Society journal, Psychopharmacology (DOI 10.1007/s00213-016-4465-9), so please refer to that for more information.

NEW: EBPS on Facebook and Twitter

EBPS is finally connected also on Facebook!


Keep yourself update and follow our latest news on Facebook and Twitter


Thanks to our new Social Media Coordinator Marco Venniro


Volume 233, Issue 9, May 2016


Immune Influences on Brain & Behaviour: from Psychoneuroimmunology to Immunopsychiatry


Issue Editors: Oliver Howes, Theodora Duka


This special issue co-edited by EBPS past-president Theodora Duka includes the topics presented at the EBPS Workshop “Immune influences on brain and behaviour”, Brighton, June 2014.


Log-in with your EBPS member credentials from the EBPS website to have free access to PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY

Dr. Athina Markou

Dear Members,


It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Athina Markou on Wednesday, May 18th.

Athina was a long-standing member of EBPS and active member on our Full Committee.


An obituary ran in the UC San Diego, School of Medicine;

Condolences may be sent to Mark Geyer at 2284 Cordero Road, Del Mar, CA


On behalf of the Executive Committee of EBPS

New Job Posting service for EBPS members

Dear EBPS members

We are pleased to offer a Job Posting service that is now available as a dedicated page at the EBPS website.

The service is for both searching and offering positions. Links and emails are available for more info.

For posting a position, please send an email to Christian Chiamulera (cristiano.chiamulera@univr.it) and Daniela Binder (daniela.binder71@gmx.de) with all the details (link, email and logo/images). 

Please also forward the link of the EBPS Job Posting page to your non-members colleagues. 


Message from Terry Robinson, President of EBPS

Updates for the New Year


Happy New Year to all! I am writing as we begin a new year to update everyone on a number of recent developments, especially concerning the relationship between the Society and the journal, Psychopharmacology (Springer). First, a contract with Springer has been finalized and signed by all parties and takes effect on Jan. 1, 2016. This establishes Psychopharmacology as the official journal of the Society, and this will be noted on the cover page of the journal. As part of the contract, all members of EBPS will have free electronic access to the journal. Two people deserve most of the credit for bringing this process to fruition. First, when he was President of the Society, Aldo Badiani initiated negotiations in earnest, and it is doubtful if our new relationship with Psychopharmacology would have ever happened without his efforts. Second, when she took over as President, Dora Duka kept the process moving, through many revisions of the contract, up to the final version, which I was able to sign shortly after the Verona meeting. So many thanks to Aldo and Dora for making this a reality.


An important clause in the contract is that EPBS gets to appoint an EBPS-liaison editor who will serve as both one of the Coordinating Editors and as one of the Principal Editors of the journal, in addition to 4-8 Advisory Editors to the EBPS-liaison editor. Therefore, another purpose of this letter is to announce the appointment of the EBPS-liaison editor. But first, I would like to inform you of the process by which the selection was made.


Shortly after the Verona meeting I formed an Advisory Committee to evaluate nominations for the position. The Advisory Committee consisted of the 3 Presidents of EBPS (present, past and elect; Terry Robinson, Dora Duka and John Cryan, respectively), two existing members of the Psychopharmacology editorial board (Trevor Robbins and Harriet deWit) and one member of the full committee (Yavin Shaham). Nominations were solicited from the membership at large, as well as from members of this committee. We started with a list of nearly 30 nominations, and eventually narrowed that down to a list of 12. The nominees on this short list were then ranked by all members of the Advisory Committee. This ranked list was then forwarded to, and further considered by, the three Presidents, and the General Secretary (Cristiano Chiamulera) and Treasurer (Anne Jackson) of EBPS, who also ranked the nominees. We next determined whether our preferred nominee was interested in taking on these duties, and are very pleased to announce that she is.


The first EBPS-liaison editor to Psychopharmacology will be Professor Christelle Baunez, who is a Team Leader in the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone at CNRS and Aix Marseille Universite, Marseille, France. She begins her tenure on Jan. 1. Both congratulations and thanks to Christelle for agreeing to take on this job.


In addition, those who attended will know that the Verona meeting was a great success, and many thanks are due to Cristiano Chiamulera and his local organizing committee for the tremendous amount of work they did in putting together an outstanding joint meeting with EBBS. Finally, thanks to George Panagis for agreeing to organize our next meeting, which will be on 31/08/17 – 03/09/17, and will be held at a beautiful seaside resort in Crete. I hope people already have that date on their calendars and are planning to attend. See the EBPS website for more information.


Finally, I want to alert everyone about the upcoming EBPS Workshop being organized by Bruce Hope and Cyriel Pennartz, entitled, ‘A new era for neuronal ensembles in learning and perception’. The past 7 years have seen major technological changes in our ability to study neuronal ensembles in behavior, including calcium imaging and manipulation of Fos-expressing ensembles. This Workshop will present the latest technologies and biological findings from the scientists who developed the technologies, and how to use them. The discussion will include how alterations induced specifically within neuronal ensembles can alter the processing of complex sets of high-resolution information during learning, and how these ensembles encode long-lasting memories underlying the expression of these learned behaviors, including drug memories. The Workshop will be held in Amsterdam on September 15-16, 2016, so that is another date to put on your calendars – do consider attending, and watch the EBPS website for more information.


A happy and healthy New Year to all.