EBPS Biennal Meeting Joint EBPS-EBBS Meeting

September, 12-15 2015 - Verona, Italy


In the EBPS business meeting in Verona it was announced (by the president) that a contract between EBPS  and Psychopharmacology was finalised and soon to be signed. With this contract Psychopharmacology becomes the journal affiliated with EBPS and offers to EBPS members free online access of the journal. On the basis of this contract EBPS will also nominate  an EBPS member as liaison Editor who will  serve as both Coordinating and Principal editor. This is an important achievement and we are looking forward working with Psychopharmacology.


We are also pleased to announce that the following EBPS awards were given at the Verona Meeting:

Distinguished Scientist Award to Gaetano Di Chiara

Young Scientist Award to Carlo Cifani

A report of the Verona meeting will be soon available at this link.


Thanks to all of you for attending and for the contribution.

2015 Membership

Dear EBPS Member,

This is to remind you that it is time to renew your membership for 2015.  Membership of EBPS is currently €64 and will provide you with a number of benefits:


Free membership of FENS,

Free online access to European Journal of Neuroscience

Eligibility to apply for bursaries to attend EBPS workshops and biennial meetings (subject to age and status)

Eligibility to submit symposium proposals for future biennial meetings

Eligibility to nominate, and to be nominated, to the EBPS Distinguished Achievement Award and the EBPS Young Scientist Award

Reduced registration fees for the 2015 EBPS-EBBS Joint Meeting in Verona, Italy and other biennial meetings

Reduced registration fees for EBPS workshops

EBPS-Weizmann Institute-Haifa U Workshop on Stress, PTSD & Psychiatric Disorders

EBPS-Weizmann Institute-Haifa U Workshop on Stress, PTSD & Psychiatric Disorders: From Basic Science to Therapeutic Intervention 

The workshop was held at the Weizmann Institute on May 3-4, 2015. The meeting was opened with introductory comments from Ian Stolerman (one of the founders of EBPS) and included 29 invited speakers from the US, Europe, and Israel, 2 plenary lectures, one public lecture, and sessions of short talks of student and post-docs who received travel awards…. For more details see under publications/meeting reports here