EBPS Biennal Meeting Joint EBPS-EBBS Meeting

September, 12-15 2015 - Verona, Italy





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The Programme will be available as an electronic-only version but it could be downloaded at the venue.
Note that a programme at-a-glance card will be available in the conference bag.


PRESENTERS: Please visit the Meeting website here for important information about your poster or oral presentations.




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2015 Membership

Dear EBPS Member,

This is to remind you that it is time to renew your membership for 2015.  Membership of EBPS is currently €64 and will provide you with a number of benefits:


Free membership of FENS,

Free online access to European Journal of Neuroscience

Eligibility to apply for bursaries to attend EBPS workshops and biennial meetings (subject to age and status)

Eligibility to submit symposium proposals for future biennial meetings

Eligibility to nominate, and to be nominated, to the EBPS Distinguished Achievement Award and the EBPS Young Scientist Award

Reduced registration fees for the 2015 EBPS-EBBS Joint Meeting in Verona, Italy and other biennial meetings

Reduced registration fees for EBPS workshops

Travel awardees for the EBBS/EBPS meeting in Verona

Travel Award Winners – Verona 2015


Elsevier Current Opinion in Behavioral Brain Sciences Travel Award

Awardee                               Location

Anna Li                                 USA


EBPS Travel Awards

Awardee                               Location

Shauna Parkes                     France

Melissa Miller                        USA

Gustavo Provensi                  Italy

Maria Vittoria Micioni             Italy

Daniele Caprioli                     USA

Xavier Vinals                         Spain

Xiao Han                               USA

Vicky Katsidoni                      Greece

Laura Lopez Cruz                   Spain

Erika Pike                              USA

Justin Strickland                     USA

Laurel Morris                          UK

Marco Venniro                        Italy

Mohamady El-Gaby                 UK

Zahra Ghasemzadeh               Iran

Matteo Di Segni                      Italy

Anya Bershad                         USA

Maria Carbo Gas                     Spain

Muhammad Liaquat Raza        Germany/Pakistan

Alix Tiran-Cappello                  France




IMPORTANT: all the applicants will receive a formal email with more detailed informations about the decision.

EBPS-Weizmann Institute-Haifa U Workshop on Stress, PTSD & Psychiatric Disorders

EBPS-Weizmann Institute-Haifa U Workshop on Stress, PTSD & Psychiatric Disorders: From Basic Science to Therapeutic Intervention 

The workshop was held at the Weizmann Institute on May 3-4, 2015. The meeting was opened with introductory comments from Ian Stolerman (one of the founders of EBPS) and included 29 invited speakers from the US, Europe, and Israel, 2 plenary lectures, one public lecture, and sessions of short talks of student and post-docs who received travel awards…. For more details see under publications/meeting reports here