Psychopharmacology in its 60th Year!

Professors Klaus Miczek and Trevor Robbins have teamed up to provide their perspective on how the field of psychopharmacology has changed over the last 60 years and the important roles that the EBPS and the journal, Psychopharmacology, have played in this regard.

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EBPS Newsletter Issue 6

Finally! Our last issue for the year! Features previews of our 2020 Workshop in Toronto, info on the organising committee for the 2021 Conference in Maastricht and a profile on Dr Amy Milton, our newest committee member. We hope you enjoy the read and as always, welcome feedback on suggestions for future issues.

Happy holidays!

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FENS EBPS Mini-Symposium, Glasgow, Saturday July 11, 2020

The European Brain & Behaviour Society (EBBS), European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS), European Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (EMCCS) and International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS) invite you to our jointly organised mini-conference, titled Behavioural Neuroscience for the next decade: Why behaviour matters to brain science.


A variety of topics will be covered focusing on the role of behaviour in Neuroscience and the translatability of animal models to human traits and psychiatric disorders. Each contributing society will host a themed session. On behalf of EBPS, Shelly Flagel, Amy Milton and Marco Venniro will speak in a session entitled ‘How pharmacology and neuroscience help us to understand behaviour’. Our mini-conference is a rare event bringing together four societies, established leaders and early career researchers from the behavioural neuroscience community for a day of amazing science and networking opportunities.


Supported by the FENS Forum, our mini-conference will take place on Saturday July 11 directly before the opening of the biannual meeting in Glasgow so that participants can use this event as a taster for the FENS Forum meeting and continue to discuss this important topic during the meeting. (Adapted from IBANGs website)


To register, click here: https://ibangs.memberclicks.net//index.php?option=com_mc&view=mc&mcid=form_264409


Special issue: Neuroimmune signaling in neuropsychiatric disease

It is our pleasure to introduce this Special Issue of Psychopharmacology focused on “Neuroimmune Signaling in Neuropsychiatric Disease”. This issue contains recent work from established and emerging thought leaders in the field that contributes to our understanding of the role of neuroimmune signaling. We thank them for their efforts and contributions to the journal.


The innate immune system is implicated and activated in virtually every neuropsychiatric condition, but our understanding of the role of these processes in disease is poorly understood. Neuroimmune signaling can involve both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes that in turn can alter neurotransmission at multiple sites. This represents a new frontier in our understanding of normal and pathological brain function, as well as the relationship between systemic and CNS disease. We believe this Special Issue will contribute to the important insights that the study of neuroimmune signaling can afford us into the etiology of CNS disease and the identification of new targets for treatment.


We hope you enjoy the contributions in this issue and that they help inspire you to address neuroimmune signaling in your research.



Editors: A. Leslie Morrow and Lawrence H. Price